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3 Reasons Those Wacky Holidays Are PR Gold

From the delicious ones like National Doughnut Day, to those that make you scratch your head like Bubble Wrap Appreciation Day, it seems as though there’s something to celebrate every day of the year. If nothing else, unconventional holidays provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to get their name out to the public. Here are the three biggest ways these silly celebrations can help you garner great media coverage:


1. Visuals: Seemingly odd or out there holidays often make fun, visual TV segments, allowing you to demo something the public might not usually see on TV.

2. Irresistible deals: It’s hard to resist a good deal, and these holidays allow you to offer discounts in the name of holiday spirit: $2 tacos on National Taco Day, or free cups of coffee to all who subscribe to your mailing list on National Coffee Day.

3. Position your brand in a fun light: Getting creative with the wacky or seemingly random holidays shows consumers the fun side of your company, and puts a personality behind your logo.


If you’ve always taken a “bah, humbug!” approach to the random holidays celebrated throughout the year, don’t be so quick to dismiss them. Instead of looking at these days as useless festivities, take them as a chance to get creative, connect with customers and reposition your brand as a fun-loving business. Contact Serendipit today and discover how holidays can provide you with the media coverage your business deserves.

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