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3 Ways to Take Your Media Win to the Next Level

3 Ways to Take Your Media Win to the Next Level

Congrats, you had a segment during this morning’s news! Now it’s time to give your segment the boost it deserves and get more eyes on your brand. The best way to heighten impressions is by sharing the segment on your social media accounts, sending it to your email database and uploading the media to your website. Thus, your segment on TV may have ended, but the viewing has only just begun.

Social Media

There’s true power in sharing each media win with your friends, followers, circles and even pinners. How about we break it down and some crunch some numbers. Your segment this morning had 100,000 viewers and the number of eyes on your brand stays at 100,000 if you don’t share it on social media.

Let’s say you decide to share this win with your 500 followers on your Facebook fan page. Now your views have gone up to 100,500 views.

Now, we can take it a step further and say that out of your 500 followers, 200 of them liked your post and each follower has an average of 100 friends. Now your segment that originally had 100,000 views has skyrocketed to potentially being seen by 120,500 people.

Imagine if you share your segment on not only Facebook, but Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and any other social platform you may be linked into.  Your media win has the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of people – just by giving it legs and sharing it on social media.


Next, keep up the momentum for your media win and blast the segment out to your email database. Oftentimes, the email audience is a prime target group because they are already interested in your services, otherwise they wouldn’t be subscribed.

In some cases, it may be better practice to send the email to a defined group. You may have this list sorted by interests, age, income, level of education, location or whatever it may be that is unique to your target audience.

A few key contributors to the number of impressions your media win will be exposed to depends on three factors: the size of your directory, your open rate percentage and the number of forwarded emails.

Another bonus feature of blasting your segment out in an email? Reporting. For every email you send out, you should be tracking and analyzing the results. How many clicks did a certain link receive? How many opens? How many people unsubscribed?  These reports are vital for any and all emails you send out in the future.


Lastly, take your tv segment and run with it to your blog or news page! People may have seen your segment live, but missed a few key points and want to rewatch it. What better place to find it than on your website? This also gives people scrolling along your page a chance to see it if they didn’t see the segment live.

By uploading your media win directly to your website, not only are you making it easier on your target audience to find your segment, but you are also boosting your SEO value. Publish relevant content by typing up a brief description to go along with your segment. Add in some links and alt tags, and watch your website rise the ranks to the top of search-engine results.

Here at Serendipit Consulting, our PR team sets up each media win for success by working with our marketing experts to provide our clients compelling copy and creative design to distribute across several channels. Increase impressions for your brand by giving us a call today: (602) 283-5209

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