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Advertising to a New Demographic

facebook advertising, online advertisingFacebook has recently become the most visited site, surpassing even Google in traffic and rankings.  With its ability to reach a wide range of demographics in an environment they understand, Facebook will quickly become one of the top online advertisers. Facebook marketing allows marketers to target not only by age, location or language, but more specifically by ‘Likes’, interests, and relationship connections. Here are some easy to follow steps to take advantage of free tools and advertise successfully via Facebook:

  1. Set Goals– Beyond social media campaigns, reach further! Aim to improve direct sales or increase traffic towards your site.
  2. Designing Ads– Always include a link to a non-Facebook page pertaining to your business, and remember, CTRs are MUCH higher for ads containing an image.
  3. Targeting– Determine keywords based on ‘Likes’ and other pages your target demographic is viewing. Be sure to steer clear of generic or overused keywords.
  4. ‘Like’ it– Facebook ads can be ‘Liked’, Encourage family, friends, and customers to ‘Like’ your Facebook ads. More ‘Likes’ results in a more successful campaign for you!

While Facebook advertising is not new, it is never too late to start taking advantage of this great tool! The more you experiment and try different ads, the more successful your company will be. Have questions? Serendipit is here to help!


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