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Amazing, innovative idea to get more clicks!

I hope I fooled you all with the title to get you to read this one, but I must add a slight disclaimer that this idea is not all that amazing or innovative.  In fact, VerticalResponse’s article, Use Buttons Instead of Links and Increase Clicks is a very simple, logical idea.  Unfortunately, I didn’t think “Simple, Logical Idea” would have sparked much interest.  This one is important to think of from a personal view.  Check out any website. Just for experimentation’s sake, try Paramount has a very clear, concise website that is easy to follow.  Now clearly, this is going to be a very biased experiment since I already told you the trick, and you’re already thinking about the buttons.  However, try it out on a friend.  Show them the same website, and see what they are most likely to click.  Logically, since there is a high chance they haven’t heard of Paramount Promotions before, it would make sense for them to click on the link that directs them to learn more about Paramount.  In fact, this friend may have absolutely no reason to learn about Vehicle Wraps, or Paramount’s other services, but my hypothesis is that the image-based buttons will be clicked on much more than the link embedded in the text.  Try out the experiment, and let us know in the comments how it went.

While, as I mentioned, this is a very simple idea, do you follow it in your strategy? Or do you, like many companies, sometimes sacrifice common sense for an easier option? While we are all out looking for the “next big thing”, it is important to remember that sometimes the best solution is right in front of us; don’t forget to remember what you already know!


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