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Apple Takes the Lead!

…not that we we’re surprised! At Serendipit, we are almost all Mac users and Mac lovers. For Alexis’s wedding present, she was a lucky duck and got an iPad from the team! It is really just an understanding that true love runs deep – and we all embrace our true love for our Macs.

According to recently released Q3 results, Alexis was one of many who now carry their iPads around with pride – one of 3.27 million, to be exact. In TechCrunch’s words – Apple Obliterated Q3 Earnings Estimates – and we’re happy to admit that we were a part of that! Apple’s third quarter broke the record both in total revenue and in total Mac units sold.  That sounds pretty spectacular as is, but compared to last year, an even more impressive leap can be seen. Apple’s Q3 2010 revenue exceeded Q3 2009′s by 61%. Mac growth was up 33%, and Apple’s total income was up 78% from a year before.

Holy sales, Apple! Here in Scottsdale, we will do our best to keep supporting you! :)


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