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Are The Generation-Z’s The Latest Branding Opportunity?

Serendipit takes a look at the Generation-Z’s and why they are important to your Student Housing Property.

The Generation Z’s are the group of the population 17 and under, which makes them the next target for your Student Housing Property. Although this generation is smaller in numbers than Generation Y, it is said that because of their instinctive and constant connection to the world, their influence will exceed their size. The Gen-Z’s are innately tech savvy and realistic. They feel a responsibility to be entrepreneurial and change the world, which could mean a few things for your Student Housing Property:

1. When approaching the Gen-Z’s going mobile is key. The average person in the Gen-Z population spends about 10 hours per day using technology. They are constantly using the newest platforms and naturally know how they work. This generation is always one step ahead, so it is never too early to disseminate information regarding your Student Housing Property to them.

2. When approaching the Gen-Y’s you need to keep your information fresh and to the point. They are also the largest users of hashtags and creative language, so being imaginative with your words will make you stand out. The Gen-Y’s are more likely to share posts they find interesting, which will create a larger reach for your Student Housing Property on social media.

The Gen-Y’s are also very concerned with changing the world, and one of their biggest concerns is sustainability. When targeting them, you want to make sure they know why your Student Housing Property is different than others, and if applicable, touching on sustainability can win major points in Gen-Y’s minds. They naturally look for what stands out in their world, since there is so much information handed to them on a daily basis.


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