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Are You Successfully Reaching the Millennial Generation?

Are You Successfully Reaching the Millennial Generation?

Serendipit takes a closer look at how businesses need to approach the Millennial generation.

The Millennial generation is comprised of two groups: young and old. The younger Millennials are classified within the ages of 14-17 and the older Millennials are classified within the ages of 18-25. Both of these groups stand as the target market for many industries, which is why it is crucial that businesses understand how to successfully market to this innovative group of individuals.

The Millennials hold the reputation of being out-spoken and rebellious, but no matter how one feels about this generation, they are the new face of communication and they expect businesses and companies to keep up.

MTV recently released a study that classified each group of Millennials into two more entertaining categories in order to better understand the time period in which each group identifies with.

  1. “The Magical Harry Potter” generation (18-25)
  2. “The Hunger Game’s generation” (14-17)

As MTV points out, Millennials are constantly in “planning” mode. Extremely familiar with the ways of technology, they plan their futures out at a much younger age than we have seen in the past. “84% agree, it’s really important to always be prepared and have a plan,” quotes MTV.

This is especially important for the Student Housing industry to take note of because students are beginning to plan out every aspect of their college career as early as junior high, and are constantly on the look out for the next best thing.

This new Pinterest era, of all things DIY, is also prominent in the Millennial generation. They are independent and are looking to express themselves through out-of-the-box brands and products. This emphasizes the importance of creating a strong brand for your business that Millennials can identify with and relate to. It is important to catch their attention and stand out because they are not looking to waste their time with just another mediocre brand.

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