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Weekly Wrap-Up: The Battle Between Instagram and Vine

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Battle Between Instagram and Vine

Serendipit wraps up the week with a look at how Instagram’s new video addition is kicking Vine to the curb.

Instagram users all over the world have been updating their app today in order to access the most recent and talked about feature to be included on Instagram,,,video. This video feature still enables users to choose their favorite filter, only this time the picture will be moving. Instagram also allows users to shoot 15 seconds of video, while Vine only ever allowed for a measly 6 seconds. Although, the fact that Vine is only capable with Twitter and that the app does not provide a filter option is what may determine the loss in this battle with Instagram.

As of now, Instagram has already received over 5 million video uploads and that is just within 24 hours. Considering Instagram’s huge success in the past, this latest addition is sure to only boost usership.

This leaves a large window of opportunity for businesses to engage, even that much more directly, with their followers and fans. Each industry, including businesses that are more on the corporate side, have the chance to add personality to their brand’s reputation and increase their digital following.

Below is a video from Hubspot introducing this latest and greatest app feature to hit the market.

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