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YouTube Sensations

Before and After – A Look at YouTube Sensations

Before and After – A Look at YouTube Sensations

Serendipit is taking a stroll down memory lane to provide you with the inside scoop of what all of our favorite YouTube sensations are doing now.

From British babies to Star Wars mega fans, YouTube has become the home for many overnight sensations that have captured the hearts of consumers everywhere. While we thought the entertainment would never end, the question remains, what are these YouTube stars doing now?  No need to get your knickers in a twist, we have provided a recap of where some of our favorite sensations are today, courtesy of a Vixy infographic.

      • Hide Yo’ Kid, Hide Yo’ Wife – Do you remember Antonine Dodson? The acclaimed bed intruder interviewee that was remixed into a one hit wonder. The video originally received 48 million views on YouTube and made it onto various talk shows. He is currently pursuing his music career and continues to release music that can be downloaded on iTunes!
      • Ouch, Charlie Bit Me – Those adorable British toddlers generated 506 million views on YouTube, in addition to endless amounts laughter. The boys are still in action and have been signed by companies such as Ragu pasta to film commercials.
      • Sophia Grace and Rosie – Another British duo, but in this case, female British duo that put their vocal chords to use by covering the Niki Minaj hit, Super Bass. This video instantly became a worldwide phenomenon – tutus and all. The girls have since been seen multiple times on Ellen Degeneres and are now hosting their own show, Tea Time with Sophia Grace and Rosie, that takes place during The Ellen Show.
      • Rebecca Black – Her infamous song, Friday, sparked curiosity from all over the U.S. and received over 46 million views. The low budget video was Rebecca’s claim to fame and she recently held her first concert at the Anaheim House of Blues.

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