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B’s Buzz 1.3 – #KevinTheIntern

The future of social media is video, so start showing rather than telling.

It’s evident that there has been a massive rise of mobile video streaming. Social networks are seeing this demand, and are trying to capitalize on it with devoted ways to watch.

Instagram specifically has acknowledged the demand and is acting fast. After realizing the time users spent watching video on their photo-and-video sharing service jumped more than 40 percent in the last six months, they knew they had to give viewers more.

Initially a fifteen second maximum, you now can record a full minute. This extension was a no-brainer. Another no-brainer was changing the way users could search videos. Within the explore feature, you now can search through “Videos You Might Like”. Now you can specifically search videos rather than only seeing them when they serendipitously appear in your feed. The feature also preserves your main feed so that its not overhauled with videos if that’s not what you’re looking for.

As a business, it’s crucial to start integrating video into your social strategy. Video is what people are looking for on their phones and social networks and its what they trust. 90% of users say seeing a video about a product is helpful in their decision process and 64% say they are more likely to buy a product or service online after watching a video.

At Serendipit Consulting, we’ve found video to be very successful for our client’s storytelling and rapport. We recommend using video for tutorials, property tours, testimonials, and/or events. Producing quality content can be a challenge, but our team can help you overcome barriers and get your business into the video content marketing game.

A big advocate for the power of video at Serendipit is #KevinTheIntern. He already has a couple of viral videos under his belt, and has been a huge asset for promoting the integration of video for clients.

Check out this culture video he made for #teamSerendipit where he displays how compelling videos are; especially when they’re a spin off the summer’s hottest song and feature cute dogs. You’ll catch members of #TeamSerendipit throughout the video. Visit our Instagram to let us know who you think has the best dance moves!

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