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B’s Buzz 1.4 – Four Ways Using Pokemon Go Can Promote Your Business

Gotta catch ‘em all… your target audience, that is!

Pokémon Go has been taking over – you can’t turn to any corner of the Internet without reading a news story or coming across a meme. The app has surpassed the popular dating app Tinder in the App Store and has nearly as many daily users as Twitter. Needless to say, Pokémon Go has been making quite the impression with millennials all around the world and has hit us all right in the nostalgia. But did you know that you can use this app to help your business?

Pokémon Go is one of the first apps of its kind: it uses both GPS and your camera view to create an “augmented reality,” meaning you physically have to move your person to locations in order to find Pokémon and battle. Various physical landmarks are dubbed “PokéStops” on the app – you’re able to gather items to help you catch Pokémon there. Other landmarks are called “gyms,” where you can battle other Pokémon. Players need to physically go to these real-life locations in order to interact with these features… so why not draw them to the ones closest to your business?

Here are a few ways to use Pokémon Go to help connect with your audience:

Organize an event. Did you know that Arizona already has its own Facebook group dedicated to Pokémon Go and has organized meetups throughout the Valley? Try organizing your own “Poké-hunt!” You can provide discounts or prizes to those who attend. This works great if you are located near a park or large public area!

Use a lure. The app may be free, but it does offer in-app purchases. For 99 cents you can purchase 100 “PokéCoins” and then use the coins to purchase a lure. If you’re located near or on a PokéStop, you can use a “lure” and activate the stop to attract Pokémon. And when there are Pokémon… there are players. Why not have them at your business?

Encourage some friendly competition. When you reach level 5, you choose one of three teams to be on – Valor, Instinct, or Mystic. The competition has been heating up all across social media with users supporting other players on their teams and taking over the gyms. Stores have jokingly offered discounts to players who are on the same team as their employees. Try offering certain specials for each team!

Take a picture of your Pokémon. At the very least, post a screenshot on social media showing off the Pokémon you can find at your business. Your audience will enjoy it – and if it’s a rarer Pokémon, may even be impressed! A few of them even paid the Serendipit office a visit:


Staying on top of social trends is a major key to success when reaching millennials. At Serendipit Consulting, our team of social media experts can find a variety of creative ways to help your brand connect with your audience. Don’t wait – see what #teamSerendipit can do for you! Give us a call today at 602-833-2744.

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