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The Year of the Bot

B’s Buzz 1.7 – The Year of the Bot

They say it’s the “year of the bot.” But what’s a bot?

The conversation around “chatbots” has been buzzing, and when a bot store for Facebook Messenger was announced at Facebook’s F8 event in April, the conversation has only gotten louder. The tools announced include an API (application programming interface) that allows all developers and businesses to build chatbots for Messenger, and then submit them for review. This ultimately opened the playing field to all kinds and sizes of business.  

Although chatbots have been around for decades, brands have only recently learned how to effectively utilize them for business purposes.

Facebook isn’t the first company to release a bot store for its messaging app (Telegram, Kik, Slack, and others came first) but Messenger has 1 billion users, which crushes the competition. That said, Facebook Messenger is an enticing route for businesses because, users are already there, and creating a bot for Messenger is rather easy and free.

Let B’s Buzz get you up to speed on the bot era:

The Year of the Bot

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