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Are You Placing Your Business Category Before Your Brand?

Are you placing your business category before your brand?

Serendipit Consulting shines light on the importance of putting your company’s category before the brand itself.

The brand concept should come before the business category, right? Well, while that may seem like the correct way of looking at things, it has been proven that a company’s category should always have the utmost focus before creating a brand concept. While consumers associate brands with certain characteristics, there must be a solid category platform for them to first associate the brand with. When one thinks of coffee, the brand Starbucks may immediately come to mind, but if Starbucks hadn’t created a strong category foundation of coffee, their brand would lie in between the product lines – confusing the consumer.

For example, Ad Age recently put out an article covering the recent collapse of the Fresh & Easy concept. The lack of focus on their company’s category is what inevitably caused the failure. When you think of a grocery store, brands such as Fry’s and Safeway come to mind. When you think of an organic market, Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s are probably the stores you think of. Fresh & Easy branched into a broad range of segments and didn’t position themselves into any one category when developing their brand. This is where the company went wrong and unfortunately lost money because of it.

Branding a business is extremely crucial for the success of a business, but the primary focus should remain with the business category in order to instill a firm foundation in the consumers’ minds. Does your business need help establishing a business category or brand concept? Contact Serendipit Consulting to position your business on the right foot!