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American Express is cashing in on Facebook and taking advantage of the unique ‘Likes’ feature as well as the check-in feature Facebook Places. By approving American Express’ Facebook App ‘Link, Like, Love’ to be able to view your interests, likes and friends, you’ll be exposed to a plethora of savings without having to pre-pay for a deal or use a coupon. What the credit card company does is send statement credits to cardmember, whether they shop online or in a store and begin to offer membership reward points, entertainment access, and other exclusive content based on a user’s Facebook information. Checking into a place via Facebook Places also grants the user deals exclusive to them for being an American Express customer. Read the entire post and examples of its use at

You may have to throw printer in the garage or junk box in the near future, as Adobe has inked a deal with digital signature company EchoSign. The company makes on-screen signing of electronic documents like PDFs, easier. Full details are here, as Kevin M. Lynch, vice president and general manager of Acrobat Solutions, said  “we will be … significantly reducing the time, cost and complexity associated with having a document signed.” It is still unsure exactly how Adobe will integrate this digital signing feature into their PDFs and software but it’s definitely going to make signing documents that much easier. Do you think you’ll benefit from this or do you prefer signing an actual paper? Let us know on our Twitter or Facebook!

Here at Serendipit, we’re no strangers to heat and it doesn’t get much worse than Arizona heat, but other people in the nation are getting their fair share of heat as a heat wave blankets middle America and heads east. Some states are witnessing triple digit temperatures and breaking their own records of highest temperature recorded. As temperatures rise for these regions, so do the heat warnings and how to prepare for this spike in temperature. If you’re feeling the heat from where you are, then you probably don’t want to hear about it, let alone be in it, but just know you’re not alone! Full coverage of the heat wave and how others are handling it are at Is this heat getting to you from where you are? How are you handling it? Or are you one of the lucky few who can have a lovely stroll outside, let us know on our Twitter or Facebook!

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