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Color Psychology: What Different Hues Say About Your Brand

Serendipit talks about color psychology, or the study of hues and their influence on human behavior, and what this can mean for your brand. 

Coming up with a logo and brand identity as a whole requires a lot of thought and research when developing each component… and that includes the color or colors that represent a company. Rather than just picking their favorite colors, design teams and companies spend time focusing on the meanings of colors – including color psychology.

Did you know that colors are able to invoke certain thoughts and feelings? Color can be highly influential and many marketers perform research when developing a brand to determine the best color choices to convey their key message.

Here are some of the “hidden meanings” of some more popular colors:

Red: romance, warmth, intensity, energy, excitement
Orange: enthusiasm, stimulation, warmth, happy
Yellow: happiness, intensity, frustration, attention-getting
Green: money, growth, envy, health, nature
Blue: calmness, cold, serenity, focused, unappetizing
Purple: wealth, spiritual, mystery, sophistication, royalty
Pink: love, gentle, calming
Brown: stability, comfort, natural, reliability
Black: strength, authority, power, wealth, darkness,
White: innocence, neutrality, clean, sterility

While color does play an important role when it comes to branding, one should keep in mind that certain colors have different meaning among different cultures and areas. While color psychology can be a helpful and creative way to better determine your brand’s characteristics, colors may mean different things to different people, so be sure to keep your audience in mind first and foremost!

When it comes to designing your brand, it can be important to keep in mind some of the concepts and ideas behind color psychology to help you better convey the message that you want to send to your target audience.

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