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Content Strategy

Content Strategy Outlets

Content Strategy Outlets

Serendipit Consulting provides you with the best content strategy outlets for your business.

Having a strong content strategy that is consistent with your brand’s personality is very important when reaching your target market. It is good to always keep in mind the traditional forms of content such as flyers, blogs and Facebook posts, but it is also important to think about how the new forms of content can be used to elevate your brand. The following are a few content strategy outlets that may be beneficial for your business, depending on your brand’s position and industry.

E-books: These are great forms of content when communicating a large amount of information in an innovative way. E-books can be positioned in a very creative light, or in a more serious nature depending on the industry. They are great for promoting sustainability and can be sent out to leads or clients to be downloaded.

Infographics: Another very innovative way to communicate information to your target audience. Infographics are images that can be shared online or printed for an advertisement. They are great for presenting statistics and quick facts in a visually appealing way. Take a look at the Serendipit Infographic for inspiration!

Mobile Application: While this may not be a feasible option for some businesses,  many businesses have all of the resources needed to leverage the marketability of a mobile application. For example, take a look at how Phoenix Children’s Hospital used their “Car Seat Helper” application to position themselves in an innovative segment.

Whichever form of content you decide to utilize for your business, it is crucial to have a consistent strategy behind it. Need help elevating your content? Contact the Serendipit team for a powerful strategy!

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