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Create A Successful Website Blueprint

Create A Successful Website Blueprint

Learn more about creating a successful website blueprint and setting your site up for success!

Your company’s website is a key component of all marketing efforts and is almost always the first connection a person makes with your business. With that being said, your website says a lot about your business and the way it is presented can either make or break those first impressions.

Websites are primarily comprised of visuals and copy, with additional links to external pages mixed in as well. The three most important pages on your website are the homepage, landing pages, and the “about” page. The copy featured on these respective pages is more important than you might think and if done well, will speak volumes and create the best impression possible in the minds of potential new consumers.

First, we’ll talk a bit about the homepage. The homepage is essentially the welcoming committee or “lobby” of your business and must be engaging enough to capture the attention of scroll happy web browsers. It is the deciding factor for visitors that will influence their decision to stay a while or leave your website. The copy on the homepage should be written in such a way that it is clear and completely direct for visitors. Be mindful not to overuse and overemphasize keywords, remembering your writing should be conversational, maybe even a little bit casual.

Moving on, landing pages are another website component that should be well-written. It is important to have collected basic information in order to solicit a desired action from a future client or consumer. Your copy, especially the headline, should stand out and be straight to the point. It should be full of action words that will entice the user to explore what your company has to offer them. The goal with the landing page is to get people to fill out your form so that they may be considered a lead.

Finally, the “about” page, also referred to as “the awkward first date.” This page on your website is probably one of the most viewed pages but can also be a leading exit page if it is poorly written or considered “boring.” When drafting the copy for your about page, ensure it is interesting, conversational, truthful, and convincing. Although this information is biographical in theory, make sure it is presented in the context of how you can serve the customer. This section should also include links to your social media pages and provide updated contact information.

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