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Does Anybody Know What Time It Is?

…TOOL TIME! Oh wait, no.  Weekly Wrap Up time.  Somehow “tool time” has a better ring to it… but we should probably leave tool talk to knowledgeable handymen.  We are, however, more than able to share the big media news of the week (and that is more fun than tool talk anyways!). The big national media news of the week was US President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address Tuesday evening – but we already covered some of our favorite points from thatearlier this week.  Instead, let’s delve a bit deeper into some of the less publicized news of the week.  After all, you already watched the SOTU, right?

1. Davos, Switzerland Takeover

world economic forum, young global leaders, larry page, davos, switzerlandPhoto Credit: Mashable 

Davos, Switzerland, shown at the left, is a quaint, quiet Swiss town.  This week, however, the streets are bustling with businessmen and women from around the world.  Why all the hype this week? The small city hosting this year’s World Economic Forum annual conference.  Why is this significant in the media world? Well, the WEF attracts some big names: Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, and Ariana Huffington were all in attendance.  It gets more interesting, however, when you consider a few of the (ahem) “less important” guests.  The Young Global Leaders, for instance, includes young and outstanding business leaders.  Expecting a list of the nation’s business fraternity presidents? Think again.  At the WEF, the Young Global Leaders includes the founders of both Google and Wikipedia.

2. Continued Integration of SM Platforms

If we’ve seen it once, we’ve seen it a million times.  Globalization is happening rapidly in social media, with Facebook and Twitter logins quickly expanding across external sites.  It seems as though another company is jumping on the bandwagon: YouTube.  YouTube has recently announced that they are planning to further integrate YouTube with other social media platforms, by consolidating relevant Facebook and Twitter comments with YouTube videos.  In other words, if you tweet something and include a YouTube link, that tweet may soon show below the mentioned video.

3. Facebook Phone?

Recent rumors of a Facebook-branded HTC smartphone hit the news this week, and had people wondering if this would be the “next big thing”.  Unfortunately for those who were excited, Facebook denies any relationship with the mentioned smartphone.  Any phone that has been branded this way has done it without Facebook’s help, sources say.

4. Serendipit is Hiring!

This is, of course, the biggest news of the week. With all of the exciting (and some top secret!) projects we have in the works, we are still greatly in need of another awesome intern! If you know any awesome candidates looking to take on a new internship, please forward the information to us.  We’d love to meet them!


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