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Don’t Count Twitter Out of the Live Video Race

Since their acquisition of Periscope, Twitter is no stranger to live video. However, with the arrival of Facebook and Instagram to live video, Twitter has decided to step up their game.

Twitter just announced that users would soon be able to stream live video directly from the mobile app thanks to a closer integration with Periscope. To go live, users compose a tweet and then tap the “LIVE” button. This will take the user to the pre-broadcasting screen where they can setup their video and start broadcasting. Similar to Periscope, other users can join the live video and comment or send reactions as they watch. With this new feature, users will not need to have the Periscope app installed to watch or stream live video.


Twitter’s recent announcement comes at a time when social media giants are quickly releasing new features to make their live video stand out from the rest. The advantage Twitter has over their competitors is that many users flock to their app for up-to-date news and ongoing conversations. Marketers who have a strong presence on Twitter can now release up to date information and engage with their followers with live video. This will help their audience become part of the experience visually and enhance the engagement.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 10.38.38 AM

Twitter may not be the popular kid on the social media block, but this is an opportunity marketers shouldn’t ignore.

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