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Effective Mobile Marketing

Effective Mobile Marketing

Serendipit presents the following tips for effective mobile marketing.

We walk, talk and sleep with our phones. How can marketers utilize effective mobile marketing to reach their large market of mobile consumers?

In many parts of the world, more people have access to a mobile device than to a toilet or running water. Our lives have become fully mobile.  Here are some tips for effective mobile marketing:

Is your website optimized for mobile search?

  • Highlight Key Material: By selecting the key information you have on your website, you are mobilizing it. If you include everything you are essentially just shrinking down your main website. Large files that use platforms such as Flash are not supported on many smartphone browsers (cough… iPhone). You don’t want to limit your reach and limit your audience by ignoring other mobile options.
  • Speedy Page Load: The old cliché saying of slow and steady wins the race is not applicable in the fast paced world of mobile marketing. Attention spans are small in the mobile realm, so make sure pages load quickly. Aim for page load times of less than three seconds.
  • Don’t Forget the Other Smartphones: While iPhones are the big player in the smart phone world don’t forget about the other guys. Mobile websites should be compatible with other devices with various screen sizes and operating systems. This is important with branded backgrounds that are used on a handful of marketing outlets as well.
  • Make it Local: Always make sure to have your address or store locator on your mobile website. It is also a good policy to always link your address directly to Google Maps so that it will automatically pop up on their mobile app.
  • Be Aware of your Content: Not all content is directly transferable across all forms of media. For example, print ads are effective with print advertising – not digital. Even moreso, a white paper used on a website does not download easily on a mobile device, so another form of content should be used for your mobile site.

Much like an ex boyfriend, there can be overkill with messages. Sending too many mobile messages can leave the mobile user feeling overwhelmed.  Successful mobile marketing will focus on sending important messages and not pointless ones to customers. Contact your customer with a purpose. Make sure the messages offer value such as discounts or promotions. Mobile marketing popularity is going to continue to rise. There are even mobile marketing awards that highlight effective mobile marketing campaigns.

Which form of mobile marketing do you partake in? Let us know by commenting below—we want to know which mobile marketing campaigns you like/dislike!