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Effectively Communicate with Millennials

Effectively Communicate with Millennials

Serendipit Consulting shines light on how to effectively communicate with Millennials and reach your target audience.

Millennials not only want to be communicated with in new and different ways, they also want to communicate through new and unique platforms. The first, and possibly most important, thing to remember when communicating with Millennials is that they prefer things to be executed quick and simple. This fact leads us to our next point, which is the importance to treat each technology platform as its own form of communication.

For example, Millennials prefer to be communicated through text, email, social media, etc., but the same message shouldn’t be communicated across all of those platforms. Each platform has its own strategy for effectively communicating.

Text messages should be short, sweet and solely provide Millennials with the information that they need, or have previously requested. Emails can be a bit more personified and include friendly conversation that showcases your brand’s personality. Social media needs to be visual. Visual content is processed 90 x faster than text and is much preferred among the Millennial generation.

Want to learn more about effectively communicating with the Millennial generation? Contact our experts at Serendipit Consulting today!

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