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Effectively Communicating with Gen Z

Effectively Communicating with Gen Z

Serendipit Consulting discusses Gen Z and how to effectively communicate with the generation.

The target age range of Gen Z  consumers is between 16-19. This generation of youth is slightly different from the Millennial generation and definitely needs to be communicated to in a unique way in order to be successful. As Fast Company points out, “This group makes up a quarter of the U.S. population and by 2020 will account for 40% of all consumers.”

So what does Gen Z look for when engaging with a brand? They require something that grabs their attention immediately. Growing up in a world where social media is the norm and scrolling features have been prominent since age 2, this generation requires out-of-the-box branding with a heavy focus on visual and video content. “Online, they rely heavily on trending pages within apps to collect the most popular recent content…However, we found that Gen Z actually have what we’re calling highly evolved “eight-second filters.” – Fast Company

This research on Gen Z stresses the importance of a strong brand strategy and unique marketing strategy for your company. Whether you are marketing a new student housing community or a new fashion line, you need to think big and create a campaign that stands out in order to grab the attention of Gen Z.

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