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Facebook Adds New ‘Save For Later’ Feature

Serendipit takes a look at the new ‘save for later’ feature introduced on Facebook

Have you ever seen something interesting on Facebook but not had the time to check it out? Well now you’re in luck. Facebook introduced a new feature on Monday that lets users save things that they are interested in, in order to check them out at a later time. The new feature called ‘save’ lets you flag things like music, links, or places and then come back to them when you have time. The items you save are only visible to you, which means they won’t appear to your friends unless you decide to share them.

In order to save an item in your news feed, you click the drop down menu in the posts upper right hand corner. You will then be prompted to save the item. Users can re-visit their saved items by clicking the “more” tab if using Facebook on your mobile device, or by clicking the “saved” link on the left hand toolbar on your desktop.

This new feature will be extremely helpful for users with many friends or who follow many people. If you did not have time to look at something before this update, it was difficult to find it at a later time since your news feed changes every time you go on. Facebook save is rolling out for mobile and desktop use over the next few days.


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