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Facebook Ads: How to Use Them Correctly

Facebook advertising has shaped the social marketing efforts for many companies over the last year. The adjustments being made to the advertising platform have created a wider pool of options for companies to maximize on. A social platform that was once used to merely interact with customers has now transformed into an easy-to-use advertising platform. When used correctly, Facebook ads can give companies results that mirrors those of SEO.


Last year was the start of the new adjustment to Facebook’s advertising facelift. Ads are no longer just about “buying likes,” which was previously the base of the advertising platform. Now, ads are about marketing “products to a specific audience” and utilizing direct-response advertisers to drive traffic off-site.


Facebook ads can be extremely beneficial to your company’s marketing efforts if used correctly. When you are getting started with Facebook advertising, it is important to keep in mind the following three things.


1.)  Think of Facebook campaigns as search campaigns: Think of your Facebook ad campaigns as if they were SEO keyword campaigns. Target your ads to come up to people who search specific keywords or who are interested in the same content your ad is promoting.

2.)  Keep your ads fresh: This concept may be pretty self-explanatory, but you would be surprised how many companies forget to update their ad content. You want to keep your customer intrigued, so switch up the images, headline and copy every so often.

3.)  Customers don’t come to Facebook to purchase: The goal of Facebook advertising is to grab you customers’ attention and direct them to your website. Do not draft your ads to sell products but rather showcase them.


Are you looking to maximize your presence on Facebook through Facebook advertising but do not know where to start? Contact us today and we can help make your marketing vision come true!

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