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Facebook Brings Video To Life With Audio

Video is the future, and Facebook is paving the way for it on its platform.

Facebook has announced that they will be turning on sound by default for videos. Users will start to hear videos as they scroll through the news feed. Before you try this and start calling me a liar, make sure your phone isn’t on silent or your volume isn’t turned down. As you scroll through each video, the sounds will fade in and out. (Hopefully, you don’t have videos with awkward and uncomfortable sounds in your feed when you’re out in public). Before this implementation, we were in the era of silence. Users would have to tap on the video to watch it with the audio on. If the post copy or visuals of the video weren’t eye-catching, they would be left in silence.

This will never be a better time for businesses to implement videos into their social media strategy. Video ads and posts will now be able to grab the user’s attention within seconds of the audio playing. According to Facebook’s testing results, users had a more positive experience and saw an increase in watch time and video shares. There is an opportunity for marketers to see an increase in reach and engagement with video, leading to more website visits and conversions.

Video is no joke…unless it’s a funny video. Social media platforms are catering towards video – get on board or be left behind.

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