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Facebook EdgeRank: What It Means For Your Company

Facebook EdgeRank: What It Means For Your Company

EdgeRank is the algorithm that Facebook uses to determine what posts will appear on a user’s News Feed. This infographic from Post Rocket does an incredible job at visually explaining how the algorithm works and what you can do to improve your page’s EdgeRank. A few highlights from the infographic include:

  • 96% of fans don’t return to a brand’s Facebook page.
  • A post is 40-150 times more likely to reach fans in the News Feed.
  • 27% of the time people spend on Facebook is spent on their News Feed.
  • On average, 16% of your fans will see your post.
  • Photos get 120% more engagement (this shouldn’t be a surprise!)

So what does this mean for your company? It means that your posts need to be engaging and that they need to be posted at the right time. EdgeRank is simply the outcome of how well you put together all the variables to consistently reach your fans. To increase your page’s EdgeRank, be consistent and post great content everyday to make sure that you are showing up in a fan’s News Feed as much as possible (without being obnoxious of course!). As the stats show, they aren’t coming back to your company’s page to see content. They need to be reached on the News Feed and a good marketing plan will help ensure that this is done.

At Serendipit Consulting, we constantly create engaging content for social media and come up with a plan to reach fans at the optimal time. Do you need help creating engagement that increases awareness and drives consumers to your business? Give us a call!

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