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Facebook Live: Bigger and Better Audiences

Don’t you hate that feeling when you only have two viewers five minutes into your Facebook Live? Luckily for you, there is a new Facebook Live update that will help you turn those two viewers into 100 as soon as you start broadcasting.

Facebook has announced that they will be launching Live video scheduling, scheduled broadcast sharing, and pre-broadcast lobbies to verified pages. Don’t worry if you aren’t verified; Facebook plans to have these updates available to all Pages within the coming weeks. These new Facebook Live features will solve the biggest obstacle streamers have been facing, promoting broadcasts.

Users will now be able to create a shareable link up to a week in advance. Also, when you schedule a broadcast, a News Feed post will provide potential viewers the opportunity to receive a one-time notification reminding them when the stream is about to start. With this function, users can promote their links well ahead of time. Another great feature is the creation of a waiting room. Users have recently been going live and killing time until more people start to watch. The waiting room allows you to let viewers into the lobby up to three minutes ahead of time.

With these updates, users can expect an easier time to build bigger audiences. Facebook Live is setting you up for success. All that’s left for you is to create eye-catching content. Need help managing and creating content for Facebook Live? Serendipit is always here to provide you with our cunning marketing and PR knowledge.

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