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Facebook Live Evolves With Live 360

Things just keep getting better and better for Facebook. In the month of March, Facebook has rolled out Facebook 360, Facebook Stories, and now they are introducing Live 360 to everyone. Live 360 allows Facebook users to live stream on Facebook Live in 360-degrees. All you need is a compatible 360 camera, and you’re good to go. With the national rollout of Live 360, Facebook is stressing the importance of video content and providing more engaging experiences on social media.

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It may not be as immersive as Facebook’s virtual reality app Facebook 360, but Live 360 throws users right in the center of the action. Users are transported in a live setting in real time surrounded by the experiences and interactions of the video creator. You may be thinking, why doesn’t the camera operator just rotate 360-degrees to capture the entire surrounding? That’s what I would do. With that method, you are unable to capture all the micro-interactions in the live setting that makes reality so special. Live 360 ensures that you are capturing everyone and everything at that precise moment. If there’s an embarrassing moment, you bet it will be on camera. (No one’s safe)

With Live 360, marketers with a large reach on Facebook can provide more immersive video content with minimal effort. The best types of live videos that marketers can benefit from are events. Their audience will be able to see what is happening at the event from all views. This will be the closest thing possible to being at the event for viewers. Say goodbye to thinking you’re watching from a camera, and say hello to being virtually there.

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