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Facebook Product Ads

Facebook Product Ads

Serendipit expands on the new Facebook product ad feature.

Facebook has just made it easier to advertise! The social media platform has updated how businesses can advertise their products making it both more user friendly as well as more effective.


Facebook targets users based on whether they have already visited a webpage, their interests, locations, etc. This helps businesses to expand their client base with users who are actually interested in their products.


Businesses are allowed to upload up to 5 pictures per post so that users can browse before clicking. This allows customers to see more of what the business offers. Multiple products are tailored to specific interests, which means an increase in click through rate and increased product exposure. This carousel set of photos also allows the business to showcase more of the product in order to increase their customers.


As a business owner, you can choose who you want your products to show up for and how often. Facebook makes it easy by giving options based on how users interact with your page or similar ones.

By adding additional options and increasing the amount of exposure, Facebook has helped to close the gap between businesses and consumers. This is a great marketing tool and will only continue to get better – and smarter!

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