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Facebook Update: Transparency

Facebook Update: Transparency

Facebook has announced the redesign of its news feed for businesses.

As always, Facebook is thinking ahead to make the functionality of its platform easier for businesses to manage. It just announced that its new and improved version of ‘Facebook for Business‘ has officially launched and will continue to mold and improve into the ultimate business platform over the next few months.

As HubSpot points out, the new platform will allow the business users to set goals, such as launching a new product, and continue to manage these goals until they are met. The improved platform also includes a section called ‘Success Stories’ which consolidates a number of industry “wins” that have proven to be successful, so that other businesses can learn and grow from them.

As we continue to see social media becoming a more prominent role in business practices around the world, more and more social platforms will continue to improve their abilities to make them more functional for businesses to use.

Do you have a favorite case study or “industry win” that you have seen on Facebook? Share with us your favorites and tweet us your responses! @serendipit

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