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Facebook's Facelift

It’s no secret that Facebook has been undergoing a major facelift recently. Privacy settings are changing, brand page analytics are  revamping and the look of the profile is transforming  into a “Timeline” of your life. Soon it seems that the rest of the web will be irrelevant and everything you hopped on the computer to do can be accomplished on Facebook.

Obviously, a ton has changed since Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm days at Harvard. No longer is Facebook a place to socialize, but rather a place to get bombarded with information from brands, businesses and friends. How can brands and businesses stay relevant with the information overload?

The social media experts over here at Serendipit suggest a few things:

First, engage and interact with your fans- ask questions, answer questions, create contests and talk about things that are important to your audience.

Second, it’s all about the visuals. If the Timeline feature also goes to brand pages, your photos and videos will have center stage. Take advantage of that by posting photos and videos that could foster Facebook community engagement.

Lastly, pay attention to what people are talking about. Literally. If you run a Facebook brand page, familiarize yourself with the latest analytic tool, “People talking about this.”

According to the social media site:

Facebook has enhanced Insights to show brands how to get more people talking about and sharing the things brands put on their Pages, which is key to getting a brand’s message out to more people. And research shows that word-of-mouth conversations among friends are the most influential for getting a brand’s message across.


As consumers, what do you think about the Facebook changes? What about as marketers?


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