Facebook’s New Phone Service Application

Serendipit Consulting takes a look at a future Facebook Phone Service App rolling out in the next few months.

According to insiders, Facebook has begun testing out a new phone application that can screen calls and show you information about who is calling.

This will be a great tool for marketers because of the information that will be made available. Companies will be able to see information on consumers that either like or dislike a product, and analytics will be more accurate because they will be more personal.

Callers will be able to show off their own profile while calling and phone numbers will be easier to find. This application is not only a phone interface, it will become much like an interactive yellow pages. The only downside for marketers is that there could potentially be easier ways of blocking “spam” calls on the consumer side. This increases the need for a positive brand image in order to avoid being filtered into spam.

Stay tuned for Facebook‘s new phone service application and how it can be utilized for your business.

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