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The Full Potential of Pinterest

The Full Potential of Pinterest

Serendipit Consulting takes a look at the full potential of Pinterest over the next year.

Studies show that Pinterest might reach its full potential in 2015! The social media website is a marketing tool that will become even more relevant in coming years.

Pinterest users are slightly different than most other social media users because they willingly broadcast their interests, hobbies and style. This is a helpful tool because users want to connect with others who share their same interests. By jumping on the waitlist for promoted pins, you are able to better target your audience!

Pinners are more open to being exposed to ads and research shows that users are more likely to click on links that show products they are interested in. Pinterest users’ average spending is more than other social media sites as well. These users are predominantly women, who enjoy shopping, which means users that enjoy spending money! This is great news for retailers because Pinterest shoppers average around $140-$180 per transaction, which is about twice as much as Facebook or Twitter shoppers.

According to eMarketer, Pinterest has increasingly grown by 11% each year; slowly gaining more male users and expanding to other countries. The difference between Pinterest and Facebook/Twitter/etc. is that most users are Americans. This makes it easier to categorize target markets.

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