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Fun Father's Day Gifts for the Geeky Dad

Let’s face it, Father’s Day is just around the corner and many of us have still yet to find that perfect gift for dad. Although dad’s geeky side has embarrassed us in the past, we all love our geeky dads, and should find gifts that embrace his quirky qualities.

Here is Serendipit’s list for the most useful tools a geeky dad could ask for.

  1. DIY Juice to Alcohol Kit: This lovely little machine is every science-lover’s dream. Dad will decide on his juice of choice and within 48 hours, he will have a sparkling, alcoholic beverage to enjoy.
  2. Air Guitar: The air guitar is no longer a figment of the imagination. Let dad rock out this Father’s Day with this handy contraption.
  3. GeekDad Project Guide: Perfect gift to initiate father bonding time. This book introduces exciting, tech-savvy projects to tackle together.
  4. Superhero Caped Socks: Simple and to the point. Dad is a superhero in every child’s eyes, so why not let him know in the most visual way possible.
  5. Grippy Pad: This device is the answer to everyone’s prayers and perfect for dad. Grippy Pad holds everything in place while driving. All of dad’s gadgets will now be safe and secure throughout his day.
  6. Periodic Beer Glass: Give dad the gift of drinking “BeEr” the scientific way.
  7. Handy Grill Sergeant Apron: Dad will no longer be in need of an extra pair of hands. This apron covers all the bases. Brewsky pockets, condiment slots, spactulas, you name it!
  8. Everything-Resistant iPhone Case: This case is action-packed and enables dad to catch every crucial moment while still protecting his beloved iPhone. We know what is important in our fathers’ lives. ; )

We hope these gifts inspire the perfect Father’s Day gift for your dads this weekend!

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