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Future of iTunes?

We all know and love the iTunes “updates”… typically, they are unnoticed changes that you would never have even looked for without the alert.  In fact, even after the notice, it is oftentimes hard to tell what is new.  However, as of September 1, 2010, iTunes 10 has been released with a new social networking twist, Ping.  Ping seems to be a mixture between Twitter and Facebook, where you can “follow” your favorite artists and bands, “like” songs, and comment on their pages or friends’ pages.  Each iTunes 10 user can elect to start their own Ping profile page, equipped with a picture, a short bio, and the music that they have liked or are currently listening to.

This is the newest form of music networking, as iTunes had since been left out of the social media mix.  There is, unfortunately, a downside.  Ping does not allow a “Facebook Connect” – so you cannot search for preexisting friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. A recent Mashable article, Apple Introduces “Ping” Music Social Network and iTunes 10, goes into more detail on the changes. But this time, iTunes didn’t stop there! Additionally, any user can rent movies directly from the iTunes store and upload it directly to an iPod or iPad!  It can sit in your library for up to 30 days, but once you start it you have 24 hours to finish the movie before it disappears from your library. One thing critics have yet to agree on is the logo.  While it is agreed that iTunes’ previous CD logo needed to go, there are many questions surrounding the increased value of its replacement.  Many believe this replacement is far uglier, and have attempted to replicate what they believe would have been a better option.  At Serendipit, with or without the new logo, we’re very anxious to see what iTunes has in store for us. Will Ping become the next big social media site? What are your thoughts?


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