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Getting Your Facebook Page the Attention it Deserves

There is constant debate about how to make the most of social media for businesses, and while social media experts use many of the same tactics, they oftentimes are not willing to share. Everyone knows the basics – “join the conversation”, “invite people to the party”, “watch the winners” – but what about when you need more specific guidance? Oftentimes it is much harder to find advice for the details on what to do, but luckily recently published “How to Optimize Your Facebook News Feed Presence”. Sounds specific, and they did not deceive! This truly was a specific guide on social media that we’re positive can be useful to all who manage social media outlets.

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The background info on the article is that at the April f8 conference, a Facebook engineer introduced EdgeRank – Facebook’s way of managing priority within the “Top News” section of the Facebook News Feed. EdgeRank assigns value to posts based on a formula consisting of three variables:

  1. Affinity: How often two people interact on Facebook
  2. Edge: How much feedback the post already has
  3. Decay: How recent the post is

Each of these variables adds up to give your post a certain score, and this will determine its “rank”, or placement on “Top News”. Ever wondered how Top News always shows the posts you’re most interested in seeing? It is not a coincidence! Facebook keeps track of your interactions, and shows you the posts that will give you the most utility.

So what does this mean for your Facebook page? Lets break it down by variable:


In order to achieve a high affinity score, you have to keep in touch with your fans and followers.  If someone “likes” your page, and then never hears from you again, its highly unlikely that you’re going to achieve a very high affinity score with that person.  This means that you cannot take a new fan for granted. They’ve already taken the first step by clicking that “like” button, but you have to make the relationship worthwhile!


Edge probably comes with the most strategy.  Every expert will give you a different suggestion, but the obvious (though very generic) answer is that you have to engage your audience.  Take a tip from Selling 101: Always Ask Open-ended Questions.  Even if you’re not trying to sell something directly, your ultimate goal is to gain the trust and approval of your fans. Give them something to work with here! If you haven’t already, take a look back at our Old Spice post.  Old Spice gave users a reason to interact… and so they did.


This one comes with a disclaimer.  The immediate thought upon hearing that time-passed matters is that you should never let the time pass. WARNING! Do not let this one trick you. If you’re posting every thirty minutes on the dot, your fans will lose interest fast. Be sure that your posts are relevant and necessary, but the strategy comes in the timing.  When are your fans online? If your target market is working 9-5, 11am may not be the best time to post your updates.  Why not try some evening posts? Maybe one or two in the weekend? Pay attention to when your posts get the most attention, and continue posting at that time.

So there you have it Facebook Page Admins – we can’t give you a fool-proof step-by-step guide, but we think this strategy is a pretty good starting point.  We can’t say it enough – pay attention to your own actions! Track what works and what doesn’t, and you’ll have a winning page in no time.

What is your favorite trick to grabbing attention?


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