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GIFs – How to Leverage

GIFs – How to Leverage?

Serendipit takes a look at the new trend of GIFs and how to leverage them in your business’ marketing mix.

GIFs have become a useful tool in email marketing lately. In a new effort to stand out from the pack, we recommend sending out GIFs as part of your email campaign strategy. Whether you are promoting an event, contest, or company culture, GIFs are a fun way to grab your viewers’ attention.

GIFs are useful in quickly telling a story or drawing attention to a certain point that needs to be made. The motion from the video-like stream is important for sticking out in your business’ industry. When a customer opens the email, they won’t be able to ignore movement of your graphic.

Being that almost every email platform now supports GIFs, there is really no reason to not try one out. Compare your open rates on a GIF email to a regular email to test your results. Pinterest now also supports GIFs, so after you send out your e-blast, upload a snippet to your company’s Pinterest account for optimization.

If you are looking for a way to grab attention, these motion graphics are the way to go. They are simple to create, small in size and effective.

Click Here to view a GIF we created for one of our Student Housing projects.


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