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Good PR, Bad PR

It is not too often that we find something worth posting instead of a Weekly Wrap Up… but today, we did.  Every so often some really great examples of marketing and public relations come along and knock our socks off.  However, there have also been moments in marketing and PR history that paint a very negative view of the industry. Yesterday morning marked one of those moments, when Kenneth Cole himself tweeted a message that almost poked fun at the very serious revolution currently happening in Egypt.  See the original tweet below, via Huffington Post.

kenneth cole, bad pr, bad tweet

Now, we hate to see bad PR like this happen… and to prevent further mistakes, we present you the Serendipit Consulting PR Quiz – complete with results! Read on to check your PR knowledge!

1. A local entrepreneur from your company’s hometown has hit it big, gaining national coverage, huge publicity, and fame.  How do you react via social media outlets?

a. Tweet, post statuses, and blog about how your company works harder than his, and you deserve the recognition more than he does.

b. Congratulate him on all outlets – this is big news for him, and for your town.  He deserves appreciation!

c. Say nothing about the news… his business is not worth your time.

2. Your boss asks you to prepare a press release for your company’s newest client… who happens to be your ex, from a relationship that ended on not-so-good terms.  How do you handle it?

a. Very professionally, of course.  While you are not eager to see this person, you still use respect, and prepare an accurate release.

b. You take on the piece, but can’t help but put a negative spin on several of the facts.  You’ll teach him the lesson he deserves.

c. Respectfully ask your boss to reassign the release to a coworker, if possible.  If there is no way someone else can take it, you’ll do it yourself.

3. A huge national disaster took place a few miles from your HQ.  All of your employees and their families are luckily safe.  What do you do?

a. Say nothing about the event.  It doesn’t pertain to your line of work, and it is therefore none of your business.

b. Make a funny joke about what just happened.  Hey, no one you knew was hurt, so what difference does it make?

c. Convey your condolences via all possible outlets to those who were negatively affected by the event.

Check your responses:

1. a (-2 points) b (2 points) c (0 points)

2. a (2 points) b (-2 points) c (0 points)

3. a (0 points) b (-2 points) c (2 points)

If you scored 3-6 points…

You’re a PR Pro! Give yourself a pat on the back for choosing a great array of answers.

If you scored -1 to 2 points…

You might be a bit new to PR. A couple of the answers may have been good, but you might want to seek some professional guidance.

If you scored -6 to -2 points…

Please seek PR help soon!  Your company could be on the danger of a really terrible reputation.

How’d you do? Let us know in the comments, and share with your friends!


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