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Google & Apple Take it Again…

Welcome to this week’s edition of Serendipit’s Weekly Wrap Up! On the East Coast, many of our readers are probably already safely at home, while the rest of the country wraps up responsibilities to get ready for a great weekend.  Here at Serendipit, we’re chugging away to ensure that all of our responsibilities are completed, all of our clients are satisfied, and of course, that all of our readers are well-informed of the week’s events!  This week wasn’t just one of new opportunities and quick sneaks, but instead of  huge news announcements from big name companies.  As you can guess from our title, a lot of this news came from Apple and Google – but read on to see the details!

Google OffersGoogle Offers, Groupon, Google special deals, google deals

Certainly you remember a couple months back whenGoogle offered to buy Groupon for $6 Billion, right?  And I imagine you also remember when Groupon rejected them? Well, it looks like that decision might have an aftershock rearing its head very soon.  It was officially released today on Mashable that Google will soon launch Google Offers.  Google’s newest app is expected to be quite the competition for current deal sites Groupon and LivingSocial. Google is already in the process of contacting businesses and writing up contracts.  Though we currently do not have an official launch date, we’re anxious to see how Google compares to the competition.  Will Groupon soon regret turning down their offer?

Larry Page

larry page, new google ceo, google management changeApparently, those who have inside knowledge about Google didn’t find this one to be such a big deal.  Larry Page, shown at the right, was recently announced as soon-to-be CEO of Google.  Page was one of Google’s co-founders, and held the role of CEO up until 2001, when Eric Schmidt took over for ten years. Apparently Page, Schmidt, and Goog le’s o ther co-founder, Sergey Brin, are good friends, and have for a long time been the key decision makers at Google. Investors and press alike seem relatively disinterested in the new management change, as very little “change” is to be expected from the new CEO.

Steve Jobs

The man who is credited for making Apple everything it is today, Steve Jobs, is once again taking a medical leave of absence from his role.  Jobs announced his indefinite absence on Monday, but as has been the case in the past, he will still be involved in all major strategic decisions for the company.  During his leave, Tim Cook will run day-t0-day operations. We wish Jobs great health and a speedy recovery, but are confident in Apple’s ability to succeed in his absence.

That is it for now, folks! Now go off and enjoy your weekend.  Wait, what’s that? You don’t have plans yet for the weekend? Well then we do have one more offer: head over to Temple Bar tomorrow after Barrett Jackson and participate in Salsa Sensation‘s first taste test challenge! We’ll be there, and hopefully we’ll see you too!


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