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Weekly Wrap-Up: Google Chromebook & Google Glass

Weekly Wrap-Up: Google Chromebook & Google Glass

Serendipit Consulting wraps up the week with the latest gadgets being produced by Google. 

Google has had a few rumored gadgets in the works for quite some time now and we are now finally able to see those rumors become reality.

The latest Google Chromebook, the Pixel, is hitting the laptop scene with a bang. With a high resolution touch screen display and exceptionally built hardware, The Pixel is specifically targeting premium users in the industry. Compared to Apple’s Macbook, the latest Chromebook will not be popular among college students based on the extensive tools and price.

Wired quotes Google’s Senior Vice President by saying, ” With the Pixel, you can reach out, you can pan and zoom and it feels much more natural and intuitive as a user.” The look and feel of the laptop is very simple yet sleek, hiding all of the necessary components that appear to be less attractive.

The Serendipit team is comprised of loyal Apple lovers, so it will be interesting to see if the Pixel can win us over!

In addition to the Google Chromebook, Google is also unleashing the much awaited Google Glass and should be available to purchase by the end of the year. As the Fast Company puts it, “Cutting edge augmented reality can be yours for about the price of a Macbook.” Although, it is being said that eventually everyday consumers will have the option of purchasing Google Glass for a more reasonable mass-consumer price.

Are you planning to purchase Google’s augmented reality? Share with us your thoughts and tweet us your responses! @Serendipit

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