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Holiday Tips: Millennials and Mobile Devices

Holiday Tips: Millennials and Mobile Devices

Serendipit takes a look at how Millennials are shopping this holiday season.

 Is your website going to pass the Millennial holiday test? Four out of five millennials shop directly from mobile devices making it extremely important to have your mobile site user-friendly. A few key things to keep in mind:

1. Make a mobile statement with clean and crisp imagery

2. Keep the coolness of your site with interactive features; millennials love this

3. Create a quick and easy checkout process for mobile devices

4. Make sure your load time is quick; most millennials will jump ship after 5-6 seconds of wait time

5. Offer a social discount by having millennials “check in” at your location or offer a “flash sale” discount to your instagram followers

And as always, make sure your content relates with Millennials. Get tips from our previous article or contact the Serendipit team today!


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