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Hot Off the Mac – Serendipit Hot News!

There are certain perks to working at a marketing firm.  One of them is being able to spend part of your day perusing the internet for sources of buzz in the business world without being accused of wasting time surfing the ‘net. Of course, only in a perfect world would every day allow time for this, but that is another story.  Today, there were so many hot stories in the news that we couldn’t pick just one to share! Instead, read on to Serendipit’s thoughts of what’s new in the news today.serendipit consulting, serendipit logo, hot news

1. iPhone to Verizon!

This one has been a long time coming.  Of course you know by now Serendipit’s obsession with all things Apple.  We love our MacBooks, iPads, iPods, and iPhones.  If there is a lowercase “i” in front of it, some lucky member of the Serendipit team probably owns it. And now, the chance for expansion! After years of rumors, it is finally official.  Verizon will carry an iPhone that is rumored to be very similar to the iPhone 4, with slightly different technology.  There are very interesting viewpoints circulating surrounding the pending fate of AT&T. With 30% of their revenue coming from iPhone sales, their sales over the next few years will be a crucial thing to watch.

2. New Twitter Background Dimensions

By now, everyone has noticed the changes of new Twitter – and though the wide Twitter interface makes browsing and tweeting fabulously easy, chances are that your old Twitter background doesn’t fit well. Luckily, it’s super easy to make your background fit again, and maybe it’s even time to create a new, snazzy one! That’s what we did – check the fancy @Serendipit background here!  Just make sure your file is still the old dimensions (2048 pixels by 1707 pixels). The width of Twitter’s new interface is 1040 pixels, so you do have less space to brand, but as long as you leave about 41 pixels on each side, you’ll be all set up with a perfectly sized and branded background!

3. Facebook Groups

Yesterday, October 6, Facebook released a new-fangled edition of Facebook Groups.   This new and improved function seems to be a combination of what used to be Facebook Groups and what is currently Facebook Friend Lists.  With the new Facebook groups, you can participate in real-time Facebook group chats (as opposed to the previous one-on-one limitation), and you can share as many details with these select people as you like, without worrying about the rest of the Facebook world.  Facebook also added a mock-Google Docs which allows Group users to upload and edit documents with fellow Group members. It will be interesting to see how this changes Facebook use.  Will those pesky friends who update their status every ten minutes stop bothering the entire Facebook community? Will users begin listening only to their immediate friends, and begin ignoring the rest?  We’re excited to watch how this one plays out!

4. I like it on my…

The women of Facebook are at it again.  Last year, to raise awareness for breast cancer, women posted the color of their bra strap to Facebook, leaving men out of the loop and spreading the cause undercover.  This year, women are posting where they put their purse when they come home from work, in the phrase of “I like it on my…”.  So far this scandalous phrase has rather disconcerting views about whether breast cancer awareness is really being raised.  What are your thoughts on the matter? Or perhaps a better question is, where do you like it?

5. Serendipit Consulting New Team Members!

This, of course, is bigger than the rest of the news posted! Well, perhaps only to us at Serendipit, but it should be to everyone else also! Samantha McIntosh (formerly Shipley – wish her congrats!) is Serendipit’s newest Project Manager, working as a primary contact for AZ Spa Girls and also with several other clients!  Another recent addition is new intern Lindsay Salcido.  Lindsay is a second-year Marketing student at Arizona State University, and she is eager to learn the way of the Marketing world!  We are very excited to have them both – welcome to the team Samantha and Lindsay!

That is it for today, loyal followers!  Check back later for more news, tips, and other business highlights!


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