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How Does the New Facebook Timeline Affect Your Business?

Step 1: Custom those tabs!

If you don’t have custom tabs on your Facebook page encouraging further interaction beyond your wall, you are missing out on a huge engagement opportunity! When done right, these tabs can replace a website. Building a website can be costly and time consuming, so it is important to build out your Facebook page with these tabs to fully represent your company’s services and scope of work. Not only can Facebook act as a fully-functioning, informational resource for your customers and potential clients, it is a branding opportunity. When building out your new Facebook page, it is important to remain consistent with your brand’s images, photos, colors and messaging so you are not confusing your loyal customers. Consistency is key in brand recognition!

Step 2: Don’t forget about the timeline photo!
This is now the first touch point that your brand has to reaching a potential consumer visiting your page. Make a good first impression about WHO your business is and WHAT you do and represent…. you only get one shot at a first impression.

Step 3: Decide On Your Settings and Develop User-Interaction Policy For Page Admins
Utilizing the new consumer to brand 2-way communication is great… but it can also hurt you if you don’t manage it properly. Decide if you’d like to utilize this feature or not and adjust your settings appropriately. If you deiced to leave it on, consider a communication policy concerning reply message time frames and templates. For example, develop standard reply messages to keep brand messaging consistent.

Step 4: Rethink Your Content
Take a quick scroll down your page…. do you see a lot of posts and not too many images, videos or CTA’s (call- to – actions)? That won’t fly in the new timeline format. Again, Facebook is encouraging ENGAGING content, and we all know pictures and video trump content any day. So get those cameras out and start mixing-in some pictures to tell your brand’s story!

Step 5: Develop An Exclusive Facebook Offer
Facebook now enables ALL pages to utilize a Facebook coupon/specialty/discount to help drive business between users and brands. Make sure your special is compelling enough to deserve those precious clicks from users.

Step 6: Track, Report & Analyze
With the conversion of these pages, the way people interact with business pages will inevitably change. In a positive or negative direction is yet to be determined. If you don’t track your data (Facebook Insights are FREE), then how would you know how your page is being affected? Be sure to get weekly reports automatically emailed to you each week. Use these as a reminder to login to your Insights and view the reports in more detail. Adjust your campaign efforts and content based on those real-time results.

Want more information on the changes or need help implementing the changes to get a BIG result for your business? Call us at 602.283.5209!

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