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How PR Gives You a Boost in Real Estate

Consistent, targeted media coverage is something every size and type of business can benefit from, including local real estate agents. Securing an ongoing presence in local publications, whether it’s a contributed article or a feature piece, can have amazing benefits for your real estate brand.  It’s your chance to show your current and future clients that you have the expertise and insight in your industry, and they can trust you with their needs.

Demonstrate Your Industry Knowledge and Expertise

Through media wins, you can showcase your insight on industry trends and the latest news, making you the go-to expert for your sellers and buyers. Being featured in and contributing to local and national publications, blogs and other media outlets in your area will demonstrate to current and potential buyers that you’re active in the industry. When the public  become familiar with your name in the press, they’ll see you as a reliable real estate agent.

Establish Your Brand And Connect With The Community

Receiving coverage in your local media outlets can connect you with your target demographic  who are searching for a pro that knows the local market. It’s also an excellent opportunity to showcase how you are different than your competition. Becoming an established face in the press can translate to stronger relationships with your buyers/sellers (present and future), and will prove that you’re someone they can trust with their real estate ventures. Ongoing media wins can also give you a chance to highlight other ways your business gets involved, whether it’s through charity efforts, city events, or other community causes.

Increase Your Overall Marketing Efforts And Digital Presence

Although marketing and social media are important to get leads for your real estate business, public relations is another piece of the puzzle that can pay off big for your brand. By building relationships with the media, you can gain coverage and most importantly exposure, resulting in more traction for your business.

While media wins can go a long way on its own, it’s key to integrating every win in your social media strategy. Click here to learn more about how social media can strengthen your media wins. With the right press and strategy, you’ll increase traffic to your website and social media platforms, which can develop new leads for your business.

If building media relationships and securing media cover seems like a lot, and you’re not too sure where to begin, give us a call! Our public relations team can help you secure the media coverage you need to bring in new potential buyers and set your brand apart from the competition.

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