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How to Leverage Facebook's New Graph Search

How to Leverage Facebook’s New Graph Search

Facebook has introduced its new Graph Search as a beta onto the social networking site – learn how to leverage the platform into your marketing mix.

We are all well aware of how digital business listings are a huge necessity for business owners, so Facebook’s new implementation of a social listing search option gives businesses the opportunity to take their listings one step further. The idea behind Facebook’s latest Graph Search tool is that users will be able to look up specific locations, restaurants, interests, etc that their friends like, or that their friends have visited before. This adds more credibility to listings compared to sites such as Yelp, where users find and read reviews from other users that are not directly connected to them.

Users will type in specific phrases to Facebook’s search bar such as, “Restaurants my friends like” and Facebook will pull up information stored about restaurants friends have checked in to, or talked about. As Bostinno points out, “As this new feature rolls out, Graph Search will also eventually scan the types of words used to describe various [pizza] places, giving you the most unique-to-you search available.

This leaves businesses with a huge opportunity to leverage Facebook’s customized search engine and directly target new segments based off of the word-of-mouth recognition they have received from others.  In addition, marketers will now be able to search for phrases as specific as, “Pages liked by people who like Tempe Town Lake.” This opens up a whole new way to conduct business outreach and target marketing in a more effective way.

Is your Facebook Fan Page built out to effectively reach your audience? How will you effectively incorporate the new Graph Search into your marketing mix? Social media is our cup of tea, so contact us today to position your business on the right track to social profitability.

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