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Improve Your Local Search Results With Facebook

Do you hear that? It’s the sound of Facebook catching up to Google’s search performance. Facebook is the largest social media network and the hub of social networking. For some people, their social life revolves around Facebook. However, there is one thing individuals and businesses are missing on the platform: local search.

According to a post by Chatmeter, Facebook saw a 33.3% increase in the number of searches in 2016, which is equivalent to around 2 billion search queries performed. In comparison, Google receives over 3.5 billion searches every day. Although Facebook is not yet close to reaching those kinds of numbers on a daily basis, Zuckerberg & Co. have identified their local search feature as one that needs to be improved upon to compete with the search engine giant.

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Put on your learning cap and let’s get into a quick breakdown of Facebook’s local search feature. The feature integrates the current software implemented in “Nearby” to complete local search queries performed. If a hungry Facebooker wanted to find a nearby restaurant, all they would need to do is type “restaurants nearby” and Facebook will generate a list of relevant restaurants near their location (much like Google’s search feature). Additionally, Facebook’s local search utilizes “friend data” to show users what businesses their friends have visited and written reviews. According to some users, the top ranking spots on the search results belong to businesses that have active Facebook pages and complete location details about the business.

So how does this relate to your businesses and your marketing efforts? Obviously, Google will remain a relevant search tool, but businesses need to realize the potential for reaching new customers through Facebook. Social media is a permanent fixture in our lives and Facebook is a key platform to reach your target demographic.

For businesses to effectively utilize Facebook’s local search and rank at the top, it’s important to:

  1. Update your page’s information.
  2. Post excellent content on a regular basis.
  3. Engage with your audience. You want positive reviews and a plethora of check-ins from your adoring fans.


By doing these three things, businesses can establish their dominance in the Facebook realm and drive customers through their doors.

Do your business and social media some justice and be found in Facebook’s local search. If you need help navigating Facebook and improving your local search results, Serendipit Consulting is your one stop shop for social media.

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