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Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing | Know the Difference


Inbound Marketing is an umbrella term that covers how visitors arrive on a business’ website or social media pages. Outbound Marketing refers to the traditional form of marketing communication where a business initiates the conversation, by pushing them out to a large number of people through seminars, trade shows, email blast, cold-calling. These types of activities have a far lower ROI than Inbound Marketing.

Inbound marketing strategy is focused around how potential customers in your target audience will find your website through channels like blogs, search engines, and social media. Inbound marketing includes tactics such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Targeted Keywords, Social Media, Content Strategy and Content Creation.

A solid inbound marketing strategy is based around communication. It’s important to create relevant, helpful content to attract potential customers, and of course, to add value every step along your customer’s buying journey.

Businesses that focus on providing high quality, relevant and engaging content to establish their expertise will build trust and credibility. They also tend to experience far higher returns on their investment.

One of the most important elements in any Inbound Marketing strategy is to choose very strong and focused calls to action designed to capture information. Tell people what you want them to do: Like and share. Comment here. Click there. Download Your Exclusive Content Now. 50% Off – Today Only. Order Now!

Regular marketing communications with your target audience help build trust. In fact, the majority of companies who have a blog report positive ROI and new customers – all directly from the simple act of blogging to share info that’s interesting and helpful to their desired customers.


How to Start an Inbound Marketing Initiative

BE BOLD. Take the lead. Explore the voices of your ideal customers and their families. Find out what they are thinking. What are the pain points that your company is uniquely positioned to solve for them? There’s a great place to start!

Great deliverables that customers love and are willing to trade for their contact information include white papers, on-demand webinars and e-books. They serve as terrific introductions to your company, and through information capture, your business generates warm leads that you can then target through Remarketing, and email marketing to move them through your sales funnel or cycle.

Share with people how your company cares and solves the issues that are most important to them. These conversations can drive goodwill, leads, and increase revenue. Neglect them and you may suffer the consequences.

No matter how you look at it, Inbound Marketing is far less expensive than Outbound Marketing simply because it’s focused on your target audience. Spark a conversation with your existing customers and potential new ones. Consistently provide value to people, and be true to your word, and you’ll see the returns.

Last bit of advice: don’t leave things to chance. Hire a great social media marketing team, or have dedicated in-house resources to monitor your customer conversations. They take place at all hours of the day, and ignoring them is the quickest way to tank your marketing efforts and destroy your hard-earned reputation and goodwill.


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