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Infographics that Thrill

Infographics are visual and highly shared images that exist in order to generate traffic and attract valuable inbound links. When developing a successful infographic, the designer must go through a three step process that includes storyboarding, design and promotion.

Visuals are usually more appealing to an online audience and are generally the first thing a person clicks on when they sign in. We’re sure you are all dying to know what components make up a successful infographic so without further ado, we bring you the 7 key parts of an eye catching infographic:

        • Story– This is the main idea, the structure and the support of the whole infographic. The story is in place to educate and inspire its viewers.
        • Style– The infographic must be visually appealing, which is accomplished through balanced and consistent colors, sizes, and images.
        • Simplicity– Less is more! The final look of the infographic should have a limited color palette and include consistency, creating a visual flow.
        • Size– The size of text and images should fit the platform being used. Specs are different for every social media platform and need to be double-checked before publishing.
        • Stats– If your infographic contains statistics, they should be current, factual, helpful, and reliable.
        • Shareability– Infographics should always drive traffic back to the website. This can be done through sharing on social media and blogs, including an embed link, and by sharing with other bloggers.
        • Sources– Citing reputable sources is an important step in the creation of infographics. Shared information must always be confirmed before posting.

How have you used infographics to promote your business? Let us know in the comments below or by sending a tweet to @Serendipit.

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