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Instagram’s New Features + Your Social Media Strategy

Serendipit highlights a few of the newest features that Instagram has implemented and how your business can use them to improve your social media presence.

The popular (and growing) social media platform Instagram has introduced a slew of new changes over the past month or so – and with these updates, a few opportunities are presented to improve your business’ social media game. We’ve looked into these features and what they can mean for users:

  • Trending tags: Much like Facebook did in 2014, Instagram has added a “trending tags” section to the “Explore” feature, showcasing the most popular tags users are adding to their photos at that time. Users can take advantage of this new feature and possibly increase engagement by using popular tags at that moment.
  • Curated Content by Instagram: Users can find photos that are hand-selected by Team Instagram. The photos are centered on specific topics such as “Stunning Waterfalls,” “Towering Rocks,” or “The Big Leagues.” If you’re a user who typically features high quality imagery on your profile, this is one way to gain exposure – if Instagram deems you worthy.
  • Endless Scroll: Instagram makes it easier to find users to follow and photos to view outside of your feed by implementing the “endless scroll” feature to these functions. Users aren’t limited with only a few suggested people to follow and no longer have to click each individual photo in the “Explore Posts” section to view them full-size.
  • Higher Quality Photos: With Apple’s latest iPhone 6 –and the even larger 6+ – Instagram is increasing the dimensions of its photos to 1080×1080. Originally 640×640, this upgrade makes the images look slightly better than before, especially on the larger screens.

Having a strong social media presence is crucial to maintain your brand image. Are you trying to step up your social media game? Serendipit has the expertise that you need! Call us at 602-283-5209 – and give us a follow on Instagram while you’re at it.

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