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Instagram’s Newest Disappearing Act : Live Video and Messages

Have you ever wanted to create a live stream video and have it disappear once the stream ends? Well Instagram has a surprise for you.

Instagram has released their live video feature for Instagram Stories. Sounds like the right move with Facebook Live’s growing success. But here’s the kicker, Instagram’s version of live video allows the stream to disappear forever from the app when the user is done streaming. This disappearing feature sounds vaguely familiar with another app.

(I think at this point Instagram has Snapchat’s entire playbook to keep rolling out these new features.)

The live video feature has begun rolling out to users and will be available to all within the next couple of weeks. In addition to disappearing stories, Instagram has added disappearing photo and video messages through the direct messages feature. This is great news for Instagram lovers who want to turn their content into a disappearing act (Pun intended). In general, users can now share spontaneous and out of norm content without feeling pressured or worried.


So how do marketers take advantage of disappearing live videos on Instagram Stories? Some ideas include sneak previews to product launches or even location details to an exclusive grand opening party. I believe the best way to use this new feature is to provide content that will reward those who watch the stream before it disappears.

I wonder when the Instagram and Snapchat feud will disappear, but that’s another story. In the meantime, reap the rewards that come with all of Instagram’s newest features.

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